Do you want to be a part of Earthquake Forecasting?

The most important things for the future of earthquake forecasting, the tools and information, and the forum to post forecasts/vote on the community’s work, are now available for free. Everyone in the world has access to the Blot Echo Windmap, and has the ability to create a free account, and make/preserve their earthquake forecasts in the Make A Forecast forum- but, perhaps you want to do more…

Why become a member? What do I get? How much does it cost?

Member Benefits:
1) Members will have the opportunity to:
– have their successful forecasts reviewed, studied and promoted,
– discuss significant/repeated successes with our team, **These are both complex and time-consuming efforts, and we can only offer them to members.**
2) The opportunity to earn a position at the Earthquake Prediction Center. We hope to expand and have full-time forecasters; it is hard to imagine those people will not have benefitted from membership.
3) Members will have access to new tools and features in the future.
4) Members’ forecasting success over time qualifies to be featured in Quarterly Updates (Planned beginning at the end of June 2017), and in the daily S0 News show on YouTube.
5) S0 tips, tricks, and advice will appear in the members’ section of the forum.

Cost: How are we able to give the tools and forecasting forum away for free? We will be keeping the site alive via advertisements (coming in the future) and monthly membership fees from those who want the member benefits. Membership is $2 per month (technically, $1.99) and will allow us to keep this resource going. The monthly membership requires a PayPal account, but there is a also a 2-year non-recurring option and a lifetime membership option, which do not require a PayPal account.

PayPal handles all personal and financial information. After getting a membership, when PayPal redirects you back here, it will ask about an unsecure server- this is after PayPal secured your information, and what is going across the insecure server is your confirmation email saying your registration was successful. Again, it is just the confirmation that is sent- PayPal will have already completed and secured your transaction.

When using the forecasting forums, regardless of whether you sign up as a MEMBER, you agree to abide by the Guidelines posted in the forum section of the website.

Start changing the world today – become an earthquake forecaster