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Outgoing Longwave Radiation OLR: The + ions that send animals fleeing before a quake, and which can create ‘earthquake lights’, can also change cloud cover, which is primary in OLR Readings.

ACE MAG This TEC chart is from the German Space Weather Application Center. With dozens of similar charts online, the novelty of this one remained unknown to us until May 2016. Now we have a better way of monitoring incoming energy to our planet.

The SDO/AIA 211 shows coronal holes (CHs), the primary earthquake factor. We are looking for the dark patches.


To see what data errors look like on this chart, click here.

EARTH WEATHER FACTOR – When we can see that the energy is in the magnetosphere (Magnetic Storms) or the atmosphere (Tropical Storms) the likelihood for major seismicity is lessened. Use the earth wind map (below) to looks for tropical development. Use the KP index (above) to determine if there is geomagnetic unrest.